Business Directories / Poslovni Imenici:

Bosnia Bosna i Hercegovina (Bosanske Žute Strane / Bosanski Poslovni Imenik)

Croatia Hrvatska (Hrvatske Žute Strane / Hrvatski Poslovni Imenik)

Serbia Srbija (Srpske Žute Stranice / Srpski Poslovni Imenik)

Slovenia Slovenija (Slovenia Yellow Pages / Slovenija Rumene Strani)

Dictionaries / Rječnici / Rečnici:

England Engleski Rječnik (bosansko/hrvatsko/srpsko-engleski & englesko-bosanski/hrvatski/srpski rječnik) presents a collection of free online dictionaries. Our dictionaries cover a number of areas relating to a wide spectrum of topics ranging from business to medicine. This comprehensive two-way resource contains thousands of pages and each page is covering a separate word, phrase or term.

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Medicinske Dijagnoze (Medicinske Dijagnoze - Latinski, Engleski, Bosanski, Hrvatski i Srpski)

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